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The Badass Baroness Tourney

Twilight tourney. Any Baroness or Royal Peer, landed or not, may present a Champion to forward their name. This will be a double elimination tournament. Want an itty bitty sip of what it’s like to fight in Crown? Find a Baroness and ask for the very great honor of fighting for them. Marshal in Charge will be Domn Sergeant Krzysztof cul Bun.

Regional Championships



Tournament of Chivalry – details TBD





Thrown Weapons




Arts & Sciences

Heart Taste of the Midlands

In years past, we shared our regional talents with each other trough the Heart of the Midlands. This year, we have a culinary twist, so that we can once again come together and share a meal. But without the hassle of having to plan, shop, and prepare a whole feast.

There are multiple ways to join in the fun. You can enter as much or as little as you would like. You can join as an individual, shire, cooks’ guild, barony, or just a group of friends. Lunch will be period dishes and evaluated by a panel of esteemed (hopefully) judges and dinner will be more of a family potluck. Ingredient lists are strongly encouraged as we have many members with allergies and dietary restrictions. Please be aware that this is a camping site, and while electricity will be available, refrigeration will not. We have purposely scheduled the “competition” portion of this event earlier in the day with that in mind.


We are asking each entrant to provide 48 tasting portions (about half the size of a normal portion), with four portions set aside for the judging panel. Recipes for lunch should be from the SCA period, but documentation is not required. Dinner The One Paw Tiger Inn will be cooking vast amounts of meats, so we are just filling in the sides and desserts. Bring your favorite potluck item and feast with your friends. We have provided some categories to sign up under, so we know what to plan for. Sign up form coming soon!

Saturday Breakfast

The Barony of Shattered Crystal is providing a free breakfast on Saturday morning! Many thanks!!! Vivat!

Sunday Breakfast

The Shire of Swordcliff is providing a free breakfast on Sunday morning! Vivat!

One Paw Tiger Inn

The return of the One Paw Tiger Inn and their infamous Meat Night on Saturday Night. The bar will be back as well! Watch for menu updates and other information in the Facebook (coming soon!). Make sure you stick around for Story time with Uncle Monster, hammerschlagen, and drunken jousting!

Largesse Dirty Half-Dozen

A 13 piece largesse derby where everyone gets a prize! The theme is pirate…because Baroness Wars X and X marks the spot! Everyone should have a small card explaining why it is pirate related. Contact THL Mwynwen Ysginidd called Lady Strawberry with questions.


We will have a craftperson’s green area but you can also sign up to teach a class at Baroness Wars! Sign up doc coming soon.

Craftperson’s GreenTBDAll the A&S!You!
Youth Area

*In case of heavy rain, fighting and other activities will take place under the various pavilions on site.