4pmGate opens
EveningBarony of Illiton providing hot dogs for people coming in
Twilight (9pm-ish)Badass Coronet Tourney
MidnightGate closes
AMBreakfast provided by the Barony of Shattered Crystal
8amGate opens
9amLists open for authorizations & inspections
Archery range opens for practice
Thrown weapons range opens for practice
10amMorning court
A&S Classes begin (after court) – see activities page for schedule
Immediately following morning courtRegional Rapier Championship
Division I Youth Rapier Prize Tournament
Regional Armored Championship
Archery Regional Championship
11:00amDivision II Youth Rapier Prize Tournament
Archery novelty shoot
Archery class – The Art of the Draw
11:30amRapier Spear, Polearm and Two Handed Sword Tournament
Division III Youth Rapier Tournament
Tournament of Chivalry round 1 (11:30 – 12:15)
12:00pmTaste of the Midlands Lunch
12:45pmTournament of Chivalry round 2 (12:45 – 1:30)
1:00pmRapier Dice Tournament
Division III Youth Rapier Dice Tournament
Archery novelty shoot & coaching
2:00pmGate closes!
Tournament of Chivalry round 3 (2:00 – 2:45)

Archery Royal Round
2:30pmRapier and Cut & Thrust Melees
Bard of the Midlands Competition
3:00pmPeriod Archery Royal Round
3:30pmChivalry meeting (3:30-4:15)
4pm-ishLists and ranges close an hour before court (time TBD)
4:30pmMidday Tea with the Barons
5pm-ish at TRM discretionCourt
30 minutes after courtDinner at the One Paw Tiger Inn
8ishStory time with Uncle Monster
AMBreakfast provided by the Shire of Swordcliff
NoonSite closes, see you next year!