Events & Demos


The Shire of Swordcliff has put on many fun and educational demos over the years for groups such as the local Highland Games, secondary schools, boy scout troops, and local colleges. Demos can include everything from armored combat to calligraphy depending on the available skills of the group members participating. Contact our Seneschal or contact our Chatelaine if you’re interested in scheduling a demo!

Midlands Village Green

Coming February 17th, a special Arts & Sciences event in the Shire of Swordcliff. Stay tuned for updates here.

Rogues Day

In Spring, Swordcliff hosts our annual Rogues Day event – a salute to the rogue in all of us. A day long event with fighting, games, and a tavern style feast are typical. Details will be added when the next event is scheduled.

Baroness Wars

In late August/Early September every year, Swordcliff hosts the large regional event known as Baroness Wars. Known for it’s laid back vibe this weekend camping event hosts tournaments, melee battles, arts and sciences salons c competitions, and of course plenty of food and drink. Details will be added when the next event is scheduled.