baroness wars 9



The Badass Baroness Tourney

Twilight tourney. Any Baroness or Royal Peer, landed or not, may present a Champion to forward their name. This will be a double elimination tournament. Want an itty bitty sip of what it’s like to fight in Crown? Find a Baroness and ask for the very great honor of fighting for them. Marshal in Charge will be Master Avery Austringer.

Regional Championships

Armored & rapier regional championship tourneys. Thrown weapons regional championship. Archery regional championship.


Novice tourney! Regional championship (single elimination)!

The first Defender (Shield) of the Midlands Armored Tourney in honor of Master Wendell of Dark River.
This tournament will be unlike any other as we honor one whose virtues, prowess, selflessness, and service has inspired so many that in they shall be named as the Shield of the Midlands.
Every year, others will be selected who show the same virtues of what it is to be from the Midlands and show the same virtues as our inaugural honoree.

Armored Combat Melee with Combat Archery

List mistresses and marshals needed.


Early Bird Tourney- round robin

Roll Tourney – roll a die to determine weapon styles

Regional championships: rapier and cut n thrust – strictly round robin

Youth Tourney

Saturday afternoon at Baroness Wars VIIII there will be a Tournament of the Virtues. This will be a round robin rapier tournament. Fighters may agree to face each other under C&T rules. Prizes will be given out Based on the Cardinal Virtues; Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence. Secret judges will be watching the tournament and will be awarding prizes appropriately. In addition there will be a prize for the person who wins the most fights and
for the fighter that best displays all 4 of the virtues.
We will be discussing each of the virtues and how these apply to rapier and C&T in the comments section over the next couple of weeks.


The Midlands Champions shoot will be based off of various board games.
The Novelty shoot will be assorted friend/foe targets. Choose to shoot for a Virtue, or a Vice!
Royal Rounds: we will have modern targets for crossbow, longbow, and recurve of any SCA-legal type. Also, there will be period targets for approved period weapons (longbows and horsebows, crossbows without sights). 20, 30, 40 yard untimed, and 20 yard timed)

Thrown Weapons

Open range all day with a regional championship on the line!


The Midlands Bardic championship returns! The championship will be in East pavilion at 1:30pm on Saturday.

Arts & Sciences

Heart Taste of the Midlands

In years past, we shared our regional talents with each other trough the Heart of the Midlands. This year, we have a culinary twist, so that we can once again come together and share a meal. But without the hassle of having to plan, shop, and prepare a whole feast.

There are multiple ways to join in the fun. You can enter as much or as little as you would like. You can join as an individual, shire, cooks’ guild, barony, or just a group of friends. Lunch will be period dishes and evaluated by a panel of esteemed (hopefully) judges and dinner will be more of a family potluck. Ingredient lists are strongly encouraged as we have many members with allergies and dietary restrictions. Please be aware that this is a camping site, and while electricity will be available, refrigeration will not. We have purposely scheduled the “competition” portion of this event earlier in the day with that in mind.


We are asking each entrant to provide 48 tasting portions (about half the size of a normal portion), with four portions set aside for the judging panel. Recipes for lunch should be from the SCA period, but documentation is not required. Dinner The One Paw Tiger Inn will be cooking vast amounts of meats, so we are just filling in the sides and desserts. Bring your favorite potluck item and feast with your friends. We have provided some categories to sign up under, so we know what to plan for. Please sign up using the google form.

A&S Display – “Anything Goes”

Napkins, plates, silverware, anything that can be found on a feast table.

Saturday Breakfast

The Barony of Shattered Crystal is providing a free breakfast on Saturday morning! Many thanks!!! Vivat!

One Paw Tiger Inn

The return of the One Paw Tiger Inn and their infamous Meat Night on Saturday Night. The bar will be back as well! Watch for menu updates and other information in the Facebook event here. Make sure you stick around for Story time with Uncle Monster, hammerschlagen, and drunken jousting!

Largesse Dirty Half-Dozen

Largess dirty 1/2 dozen… 7 items for entry. The largess will get to all 4 barony’s and 2 to the crowns. Plus one for prize choice. Every one walks away with a prize! Contact THL Mwynwen Ysginidd called Lady Strawberry with questions.


Sign up to teach a class at Baroness Wars! Sign up doc coming soon.

All day
Repousse classIf you have your own tools feel free to bring them.Mistress Corasande
10:30 AM
The care and feeding of affordable fountain pensCome to try out pens and learn how to take care of them for long and happy use! (gateway to calligraphy) You’ll be shown an assortment of calligraphy fountain pens for times when a dip pen just isn’t an option, as well as showing how to clean them even without running water. I’ll also have some non-calligraphy pens for folks who just want to try writing with something different.Lady Khadagan
1:00 PM
Silk painting for bannersSilk banner painting.Mistress Epona
1:00 PM
Breaking the ICEMaking an In Case of Elevation document. We will discuss the importance of this document, even if you think you will never be elevated, and how I am already deviating from mine and why that is okay.Lady Strawberry
Sat 3:00 PMAn Apple a DayCider tasting. We will do a brief history of apples and cider, followed by tasting various regional ciders. I have English, Norman, Brittany, Basque, German, and American ciders.Lady Strawberry
Youth Area
All dayChildren’s activities and running around gamesMistress Caroline will be leading some children’s activities and running around games throughout the day.

VariousBlind man’s Bluffby Lady Strawberry (when not teaching other classes or games). Adults welcome to join!
VariousDALDOS the ship game.Learn to play with Lady Strawberry. (between what ever your doing come learn to play!) Or come play on a torch and learn a new lampworking skill.
Will teach beginners or teach new skills. Stringers pin heads cabochons making animal beads. Or even off the mandrel tricks. Can’t promise glass will behave but skills will be had.
After lunchDorcas craft cornerChildren’s banner making and more with Lady Dorcas the Lost

*In case of heavy rain, fighting and other activities will take place under the various pavilions on site.