The Baroness Wars – The Badass Excellencies Tourney

Twilight tourney. Any Baroness or Royal Peer, landed or not, may present a Champion to forward their name. This will be a double elimination tournament. Want an itty bitty sip of what it’s like to fight in Crown? Find a Baroness and ask for the very great honor of fighting for them.

Regional Championships

Armored & rapier regional championship tourneys. Thrown weapons regional championship. Archery regional championship.


Barricade tourney and Great weapons tourney in the morning. Armored Regional championship tourney in the afternoon with “stick therapy” open list following until lists close.


2 lists! Youth Tourney, New comers Tourney (2 years fighting or less, no fighting awards, no tourney wins), Regional Championship Tourney, Cut & Thrust Tourney, Round Robin Tourney, Roll For Initiative Tourney –

  • Roll dice to determine your fate! If you are not authorized in a style then weapon is single sword. If BOTH parties are geared AND authorized, fights may be cut & thrust.
    • 1 – Single sword
    • 2 – Sword & dagger
    • 3 – Sword & buckler
    • 4 – Case
    • 5 – Marshal’s choice
    • 6 – Player’s choice

Points for a win are determined by who you beat –

  • 5pts – MOD
  • 3pts – Warder/Bronze Ring Equivalent
  • 2pts – Cavendish Knot/equivalent
  • 1pt – No awards

Total points wins – fight as many fights as you wish! List mistresses and marshals needed, please contact


Twilight shoot Friday evening (weather and timing permitting). The Midlands Archery Champion competition will be Saturday morning. The afternoon will have several fun “novelty” shoots.

Thrown Weapons

Open range all day with a regional championship on the line!

Bard of the Midlands Competition

Join us to compete to be the Bard of the Midlands! Everyone is welcome to compete! Competition will take place in troll pavilion.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Hope and Inspiration”. Though any piece (sung, spoken, chanted, or instrumental) may be performed, original works of the performer are preferred, as are pieces which relate to the theme.

The Bard of the Midlands will promote the bardic arts in the Midlands and the Midrealm, and will create a piece honoring the Midlands during their tenure as Bard of the Midlands. They serve as the Bard of the Midlands and host the competition the next year to choose their successor. Contact THL Hilla Stormbringer for more information.

Arts & Sciences

A&S Display

Regional Crafts person fair!

We are leveling up the A&S display to Regional Crafts person fair. Due to Covid social distancing, all public Crafting will be only in day camps in the day camp areas not in the Display area. ART OUT LOUD! We want to learn and see you.


Sign up here to teach a class at Baroness wars! Be there with bells on.

Track 1
10:00 AM
Barrels and Barrel AgingOswyn of Baðon / Oswyn SwannA look at barrels and using barrels to age vinegars and alcoholAdult class but well behaved children with guardians welcome
11:00 AM
Windmils of the worldValdamer Son of ArneHistory & function of windmillsAdult class but well behaved children with guardians welcom
1:00 PM
Peafowl in the Middle AgesTHL Robert ThorneHow did peafowl get to Europe, and what did they do with them?Adult class but well behaved children with guardians welcome
2:00 PM
Aztec Naming and HeraldryLord Kallinikos GavrasThis class will include an analysis of all chimalli (shield) designs found in surviving Aztex codices, discussion on Aztec naming patterns, and advice on how to register both within the SCA.Adult class but well behaved children with guardians welcome
Sat 3:00 PMWoodburning for beginnersLady Malina an Eich Gil C.W.Come learn the ancient art of Pyrography or Writing with Fire on Wood. Hands on activity for adults only please. Donations for materials are appreciated but not required.Adult’s only
Track 2
10:30 AM
History of HopsDame Roana AldinochLearn the history of hops in brewing around the Western European perspective.Adult class but well behaved children with guardians welcome
1:00 PM
Whole-grain brewingDame Roana AldinochLearn how to brew a whole-grain ale. We’re going from grain to fermentation with some side conversations on what this would have looked like in 13th-century England.Adult’s only
3:30 PM
Fountain Pens for Calligraphy on the goKhadagan KuchugeneWhat cartridge fountain pens are out there for use when you can’t carry around your dip pen, and how to care for them. I intend to have an assortment of pens for folks to try, and will be teaching how to clean a cartridge pen without running water or electricity. This will be a hands-on session as well as a roundtable discussion.Adult’s only
Youth Area
10:00 AM
Mini BannersLady Dorcas the LostPaint and or gluing making a cloth mini banneryouth
11:00 AM
Reliquary boxesLady Dorcas the LostPainting boxesyouth
1:00 PM
Origami ballsDebruska JekksdottirMaking balls out of paperYouth
2:00 PM
Easy Scrolls for Young ScribesLady Malina an Eich Gil, C.W.Come learn how our young scribes can start making scrolls. Hands-on activity. Materials provided, donations for materials appreciated but not required.youth
GamesTHL Mwynwen Ysginidd (Called Strawberry)Depending on the age and number of children will be the gamesYouth

Vigil – Pelican

Rescheduled vigil for Corasande of Starhill which was cancelled due to pandemic shutdown.

Celebration of Life for those Midrealm members we lost in the past 18 months.

This will be an informal gathering starting around 7:00 pm Saturday night on the list field.  It will provide a chance for folks to celebrate the lives of those we have lost this past 1 ½ years.  Through, songs, laughter and  good memories, it will allow us also to say good bye with love and honor

*In case of heavy rain, fighting and other activities will take place under the various pavilions on site.