The Shire of Swordcliff proudly presents:
Rogue's Day

At Rogue's day on April 15th, 2017, the Shire of Swordcliff is inviting each Shire to send members of their populace to participate in the Arts of Rapier, Chivalric, and A&S to participate in the first ever Rogue's Day - Shire Games. We will have games of all sorts for those who are children at heart; fighting events for the brave, feasting to one's content; and displays of arts and science.

For those in attendance, they might have to keep a watchful eye out this day for the Baronies in our region might send operatives to try to undermine our gathering. For too long we have gone unnoticed and suppressed by the Baronies in the Midlands.

Let this day be a day of joy and revival of our spirits. This day we shall sign a pact of friendship and companionship. Join us in a free event to celebrate in our pride and strength as Shires.

Saturday April 15, 2017
612 Dial St, Kincaid, Illinois 62540
Site opens at 9:00am and closes at 9:00pm



Feast Steward: -Katrina mail to: THL Corasande of Starhill

Lunch: $5.00 - info coming soon

Feast: $10.00

If you Wear your Regalia To Feast You will be required to perform.

A conversation overheard at the Tavern. - “Who is in charge of the Feast for Rogues Day?” Katrina asked. “I was in charge of the last one, so it is your turn Katrina. Our Larders are getting sparse though so I don’t know what you will come up with” said Corasande. “Oh ok, but you are right our Larders are getting low, so we will have to be creative,” said Katrina. “Do we have any sausage left that we made and put back” Katrina asked? “Yes, and you will not believe where I hid it, and no one has found it yet.” Corasande bragged. Katrina thought out loud, “Well we still have dried fruit, right? Oh and spent grain from that new brew house. And it will be spring so we can forage for some things. I’m getting ideas”

Corasande said “there should be eggs laid by then too. We are Rogues after all, we can obtain other foods too. How about we sweet talk the miller we should be good at that. The farmer down the road never knows how many piglets he has. Hummm….. And we could spread the story about that fox that keeps getting into the castle’s hen house. That is always good for at least several chickens. I think you will come up with a very good feast.” Then Katrina said “Maybe we can get some cheese made too.” The next day Katrina had the start of a plan. But we could change our minds a bit.

Please let us know if you have any special food needs. We will work with you if you let us know 1 week before. For notifications later that, we will try. Send questions or requests to


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  • If you are interested in helping out, please contact the event steward. We'd love to have your help!
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