Shire of Swordcliff


There is a lot going on this year at Baroness Wars! Scroll down for details on the Heart of the Midlands competition, Dirty Dozen Largesse Derby, Vigils, Baronial investiture of Shattered Crystal, Aztec Night at the One Paw Tiger Inn, the Heraldic Consultation Extraordinaire, Coursing of the Royal Hounds, Dancing and Bardic madness, Classes, and Children's Activities

~Heart of the Midlands~

The Heart of the Midlands tournament returns! Last year the A&S portion was so amazing that we will now focus this tourney solely on A&S. This year there is a TWIST, each group that enters will be making something for a different group. The entries will once again be judged by Ladies of the Rose with the winning group receiving the Heart of the Midlands banner for a year and a day BUT every entering group will walk away with whatever was made for them! DEADLINE TO ENTER IS JANUARY 19th. Group names will be drawn at Festival of Maidens and groups notified after the event.

How it works:

~"Dirty Dozen" Largesse Derby~

How it works:


Baron Gareth, Baroness Epona, Lucia, and Baroness Caroline will all be sitting vigil during the day on Saturday.

~Baronial Investiture for the Barony of Shattered Crystal~

~Aztec Night at the One Paw Tiger Inn~

We're coming back to Baroness Wars, this time featuring Aztec Night!
We've got a really busy weekend, and we're unsure what time court will be finished, so we're going with a simpler menu this year. Food will be ready 30 minutes after evening court is finished, whatever time that might be. So, it's basically taco night, cleverly disguised as Aztec Night. We will have a variety of options that should offer a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Sponsored by The Shire of Swordcliff and The One Paw Tiger Inn

Full menu can be found here. Make sure to stay for drinks and games, you might just win a dirty sock! Facebook event here

~Heraldic Consultation Extraordinaire~

This year at Baroness Wars V, the Lincoln Herald along with the Prairie Pursuivant will be hosting a Midlands Heraldic Event Extraordinaire consisting of a consultation table, a kid’s hands-on heraldry, a heraldic display and history, classes, and a herald's point.

The consultation table will consist of at least two heralds who are available to help members out with name and device questions and preparation to submit devices. Power will available for printers and laptops with a mobile hotspot.

A hands on heraldic table will available for youth and those young at heart. Felt designs, coloring pages, and other crafts will be available for them.

A table will be set up with displays of heraldry, such as banners, tabards, badges, pennants, cloaks, shields, etc. to show how heraldry can be used. Anyone wishing to display heraldry for all to please bring them.

Classes will be taught on the basics of heraldry and other beginner heraldic classes. Any heralds wishing to help teach please contact the Lincoln Herald or Prairie Pursuivant to do so.

A herald’s point will be set up for any messages or information to relayed throughout the site to make it more period and to help build the ambiance of the event.

Throughout the day, judges will transverse the site looking for those who display heraldry in any manner. Three winners will be chosen and given gifts. The displays of heraldry can be anything from displays of arms to having heralds announce you in a tournament to banners on tents.

All heralds are invited to help teach classes, assist in consultation, color in designs, display their heraldry, and assist with the herald's point. Any herald who helps volunteer will be given a wonderful token of appreciation.

Please contact the Lincoln Herald or Prairie Pursuivant for any questions or information.

~Coursing of the Royal Hounds~

Set-up begining at 9am

and inspection beginning at 9:30am

Coursing beginning at 10am ( weather and ground conditions permitting)

All hounds must be current on their vaccinations and written proof provided.
All hound handlers are required to provide proof of SCA membership.
All hound owners/handlers are required to undergo authorization as a hound handler. (Takes about 15 minutes and paperwork)
Any breed dog is welcome to participate as long as they are of good health and more than one year of age.
Anyone is welcome to participate weather they own a dog or not.
All hound owners are responsible for the up-keep, clean-up & care of their dogs.
Hounds should not be fed for at least four hours prior to coursing & watered only sparingly

~Dancing and Bardic~

A dance class and set up for evening dance will take place in the Gate pavillion after Gate closes on saturday (~3ish)

After dinner there will be dancing and bardic in the same location. There will be live music!!!

~Children's Activities~



8:30am-10:30amTandy leather demonstration
Stop by the Tandy Leather vendor tent for a demonstration of basic leather care.
9:30am-10:30amIntroduction to Pyrography - A&S 1
A basic pyrography class that would be a basic make and take where students would learn a little about pyrography in period and then use modern wood burning tools to try their hand at the art form. Enough tools will be provided to accommodate 5 students or 10 if they are willing to share or have their own tools. Presented by THL David of Lochmorrow
9:30am to 10:30am German Brick Stitch Embroidery - A&S 1
Quick introduction to the two types of medieval counted-thread embroidery known as German Brick Stitch. Hands-on class with basic materials provided. NOTE: If you need a tool or glasses to see small details, be sure to bring them along. Presented by THL Edyth Miller
1:00pmSporran pouch class - Tandy Leather tent
A hands on class where participants will make a Sporran leather pouch. 5-6 students can be accommodated, or more if they don't mind waiting a bit. Fee - $25.00 Presented by Tandy Leather
1:30pm to 2:30pm Cultural significance of roses in medieval life - A&S 1
Interdisciplinary class on the uses and cultural significance of roses in medieval life. It will be a lecture with handouts and a couple of exhibits to pass around. Presented by Lady Gwendolyn merch Llewelyn
1:30pm to 2:30pmAdvanced Pyrography - A&S 1
A more advanced class focusing on pyrography on paper and leather. Enough tools will be provided to accommodate 5 students or 10 if they are willing to share or have their own tools. Presented by THL David of Lochmorrow
2:00pm to 4:00pmMiniature Rose - A&S 3
Make a miniature rose out of just beads, wire, and yarn, in the style of 15th-16th Century Venice. Some tools available to share; bring your own needlenose pliers and wire cutters if you have them. Not recommended for children. Presented by Lady B'Gen Van der Sterren
2:00pm to 3:00pmHeraldic Penannt class - Heralds point
A class on making a heraldic pennant for up to 10 students. No fee but donations accepted. Presented by Lord Christofle