Shire of Swordcliff


~Merchants row~

Stop, browse, shop! If you're interested in merchanting, contact the merchant liaison for more information (no merchant fee!)

~Silent Auction for Regional Youth Combat~

There will be a silent auction held to help fill in the gaps in the gear we do have and help defray the costs of required background checks for youth marshals. Presented by Kendrick Cameron, auction details coming soon!

~Beer tasting competition~

Saturday 3-5pm in the One Paw Tiger Inn complex we will have a beer tasting and competition! This is open to anyone, bring your home brewed beer or mead and enter. Winner decided by populace vote and will receive a refractometer as a prize!

~Meat Night~

To all in attendance at Baroness Wars III, camping or day tripping - a complimentary meal will be provided by the Shire of Swordcliff and the One Paw Tiger Inn. Full menu can be found here. Make sure to stay for drinks and games, you might just win a dirty sock! Facebook event here

~Free goodbye breakfast & Event wrap-up~

On your way out Sunday, stop in for a free breakfast compliments of the Shire of Swordcliff! We'll be discussing the event, what worked, what didn't and what we can improve for next year. Also, this kicks off our tear-down, your help is appreciated!


10:00amOpen A&S Jam Session and MoAS meet-up
Bring a project to work on, practice a performance, or make jam. If you're an MoAS in the Midlands, stop by and say hi! Presented by THL Sofya.
11:00amGamers' Roundtable
Learn a few games of chance that are period and played in the SCA today, or bring a game to teach and play with others. We will also cover a few types of gambling tokens that are common in SCA games. For adults and children alike. Presented by Lady Strawberry.
11:00amEmbroiderers' Roundtable
Do you like to stitch pretty things onto fabric? Let’s talk! Bring any projects you want to work on or show off, or just chat about techniques, inspirations, supplies, etc. Presented by THL Sofya/Lady Christina.
1:00pmEnchanted Bubble Wands
Learn how to make a wire wand that you can use to blow bubbles. For kids of all ages; kids 8 and under must have a stronger pair of hands accompany them. Limit of 20 kits available. Presented by Lady Gillianne.
1:00pmPrepare to Dye!
Learn hands-on how fabric and thread were dyed in period. We will have a limited number of cotton handkerchiefs that you can dye for $5 or you can bring your own fiber (no more than 2’x2’ fabric or 3 ounces of thread) to dye for $2. Whatever you bring to dye has to be small enough to be compressed into the size of an egg or your fist. This is a MESSY class: wear garb that you won’t feel bad about getting stained! Children 12 and under are welcome with parental supervision. Presented by THL Lynette de Warenne and THL Reyni-Hrefna.
2:00pmFighter Support
Learn the many arts of supporting combatants on the field. Presented by THL Johara.
2:00pmMaking Your First Award Scroll
Are you new to calligraphy and/or illumination? This class will get you started and your way toward making scrolls for awards. Presented by THL Cydeaux of Brittany and M Genevieve Chastisse du Vuacresson.
3:00pmWeavers' Woundtable
Think "Roundtable" but with more thread (and alliteration). All weavers welcome, especially beginners. Bring a loom and chat over a weave, or bring your questions and learn about the art. THL Corasande of Starhill will be available to walk beginners through tablet weaving.
3:00pmPlaying with your food
This will be a culinary arts class. Presented by THL Guillane de Vaux.